Specializing in Regional, Modern and Sustainable Design


Welcome to Darby Architects, P.C. Founded by Ann Darby, we have proudly served residents in local mountain communities throughout the greater Rocky Mountain region since 2005. Our firm is based on the simple idea of designing beautiful homes while being conscious of the environment, culture and mountain way of life. As a local Vail architecture firm, we have built beautiful homes and ranch structures throughout the Vail Valley, including in developments.

Our commitment to sustainable design principles contributes to greener mountain communities. We strongly believe that a building should stand as a reflection of the landscape, climate and local culture while being environmentally conservative and energy efficient. Embracing regional traditions, we use materials for construction that respond to each project’s unique climate and site.  Our team works to root the building into the landscape, allow the sun to shine, and direct the wind to flow, while passively heating and cooling the interior spaces of the building.


At Darby Architects, every building we create is unique and is the result of a careful collaboration between owners and the architect. As a client-based design firm, our work evolves from an understanding of the needs of our clients and how they want to live. By listening to our clients and sharing ideas, we help create personal spaces for people that reflect who they are and how they fit within the environment. We firmly believe that designing a home should always be a personal experience.

Contact us to schedule your design consultation. We’d love to show you our portfolio and introduce you to what we’re capable of creating for you. We will take the time to hear your thoughts, understand what you need in a home and form a partnership with you to make your dream home a physical reality.